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Mitsubishi Logbook Servicing

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To keep your vehicle performing efficiently and reliably, regular scheduled Servicing is a must. Our service program will ensure the long term safety and reliability, and resale value, of your Mitsubishi.

At TMR we use state of the art manufacturing technology and world class quality control systems to ensure your vehicle gives you many years of motoring pleasure. It is worth protecting your investment by ensuring that your Mitsubishi gets the very best specialist care that only TMR can provide.

All of our Technicians are Top Tier, International Motorsport Level specialist technicians, they have the skills required to correctly service, maintain and repair the entire range of Mitsubishi vehicles.

For your complete peace of mind, all Genuine Mitsubishi Parts are used when performing a log book service.

TMR don't just offer the best qualified people using the right tools and technology. They are also price competitive and committed to delivering value for money.

By ensuring your vehicle's service book is regularly stamped by TMR, you can prove your vehicle has been maintained to the highest level and to the standards the manufacturer intended. A full, documented service history is a valuable asset when it comes time to sell.

Please call our friendly, helpful service team to arrange the best care and maintenance for your vehicle today on (03) 8669 0230

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2017 Triton Tuning


MY17 - Triton ECU Tuning now available.

More Power, more Torque and Improved fuel economy?


Big statement we know! But it's for those reasons that our clients are from all walks of life. From large corporations looking to save on fuel at the pump for their fleets, to retirees looking for safer towing and overtaking abilities, right up to Governement departments who have particular performance and reliability requirments.


Whatever your environment and application, TMR can assist you with getting the right advice for your Mitsubishi Diesel.


If you have further questions about our products, please send your emails to: or alternately talk to our technical department on (03) 8669 0232 for any further questions or queries you may have.


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Whether it’s winning championships, or developing performance cars, the goal is always the same: To deliver the best possible results. No matter what! 

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Triton ECU tune


More power and Torque for New Triton


Want more Power and Torque?

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TMR - Enhancing Mitsubishi Vehicles with ECU tuning.







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WRC Calendar 17'


It has not yet been clarified whether the championship will comprise 13 or 14 rounds and the candidate countries that could potentially fill the remaining slot(s) are Turkey, China and Poland. The final calendar will be confirmed within the next few weeks.



The confirmed rounds are:


Monte-Carlo 20 - 22 January

Sweden 10 - 12 February

Mexico 10 - 12 March

France 7 - 9 April

Argentina 28 - 30 April

Portugal 19 - 21 May

Italy 9 - 11 June

Finland TBC

Germany TBC

Spain TBC

Great Britain TBC

Australia TBC


Other decisions agreed at the meeting were:


• From 2017 a manufacturer may nominate a minimum of two and a maximum of three cars to score points in the manufacturers’ championship. Scores from the two best cars will be counted. Additional cars may be entered by a manufacturer but will not be eligible to score points.  

 • Only drivers entered by manufacturers are eligible to drive 2017 World Rally Cars.

 • A Privateers’ Cup will be created for competitors entering current World Rally Cars.

 • The FIA will invite tenders to run the 2017 FIA Junior WRC.

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With our rich History with Mitsubishi has proven successful both on and off the podium. From our Multiple Bathurst 12hr wins to success at Targa Tasmania just to name a few. Success on the road from such vehicles as the TMR220, TMR380, TMR Triton (ML and MN) and the Legendary Bathurst Edition Evolution X.


Our mission has always been to build the best cars we can deliver to our customers and now we have something for our MQ Triton customers. 


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TMR Enchanced Pajero Sport





- Enhanced Throttle Response

- Enhanced Power & Torque

- Enhanced Fuel Economy


Our rich History with Mitsubishi has proven successful both on and off the podium. From our Multiple Bathurst 12hr wins to success at Targa Tasmania just to name a few. Success on the road from such vehicles as the TMR220, TMR380, TMR Triton and the Legendary Bathurst Edition Evolution X.


Our mission has always been to build the best cars we can deliver to our customers and now we have something for our Pajero Sport customers. 


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TMR Enchanced Pajero






- Enhanced Throttle Response

- Enhanced Power & Torque

- Enhanced Fuel Economy


Our rich History with Mitsubishi has proven successful both on and off the podium. From our Multiple Bathurst 12hr wins to success at Targa Tasmania just to name a few. Success on the road from such vehicles as the TMR220, TMR380, TMR Triton and the Legendary Bathurst Edition Evolution X.


Our mission has always been to build the best cars we can deliver to our customers and now we have something for our Pajero customers. 


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TMR Enchanced Triton





- Enhanced Throttle Response

- Enhanced Power & Torque

- Enhanced Fuel Economy


Our rich History with Mitsubishi has proven successful both on and off the podium. From our Multiple Bathurst 12hr wins to success at Targa Tasmania just to name a few. Success on the road from such vehicles as the TMR220, TMR380, TMR Triton (ML and MN) and the Legendary Bathurst Edition Evolution X.


Our mission has always been to build the best cars we can deliver to our customers and now we have something for our MQ Triton customers. 


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TMR presents cost-effective track day star



TMR presents cost-effective track day star

Team Mitsubishi Ralliart has announced the latest addition to its portfolio of upgraded Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution models.


Firmly focused on club motorsport and track day enthusiasts, the latest TMR Track Day Evolution Xs offer compelling performance for little outlay; the base specification is now available for only $25,000.


Built with the TMR 270 engine package and incorporating sought-after performance items such as the RS rear differential, additional temperature gauge and TMR-specific springs, the TMR Evolution X Track Day cars offer giant-killing potential, straight out of the box.


“These are based off five-speed manual Evolutions,” explains TMR team principal Alan Heaphy.


“They have had airbags removed and six-point [non-CAMS] roll cages installed. They retain the ABS but we’ve improved the brake flow and upgraded pads are available.”


Rally permit registration is a possibility, with the TMR experts on-hand to “guide people through the process,” says Heaphy.


TMR will offer a wide range of further enhancements to suit all budgets. Simply contact TMR to discuss your individual requirements.


TMR at Targa Tasmania 2015


TMR Evo Xs fight for podium at Targa Tasmania


Targa Tasmania 2015 was a successful stomping ground for a trio of TMR-serviced Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Xs.


In the intensely-contested Modern outright category Williams/Bush was able to finish sixth, behind three Nissan GT-Rs, a Lamborghini and an Evolution IX driven by local hot-shoe Eddie Maguire. “Max does a good job with that car, he’s very quick and proved once more the competitiveness of the Evo in tarmac rallying, even among the big Nissans, Porsches and Lamborghini,” says TMR boss Alan Heaphy.



Liddle/Lloyd also fared well in the 4WD Showroom category, being the first Evo home in fourth position behind a pair of 2.5-litre STIs and a Mercedes A45 AMG. “Liddle’s Evo X RS was quick throughout the event,” says Heaphy. “We were impressed with his pace.”



Davis/Davis were delayed in-event with their Evo X, though still managed to complete the event by finishing 10th in the 4WD Showroom category.



Targa competition now turns to Targa High Country, to be held from its traditional Mount Buller base from November 6-8, 2015.




Le Mans and the TMR connection


Le Mans and the TMR connection


It’s been 25 years since the mighty Nissan R90C sat on pole position for the most famous endurance motor race of all, the Le Mans 24 Hour.


To celebrate the quarter anniversary, Nissan has revealed that the number 21 Nissan GT-R LM NISMO that will compete at Le Mans 2015 will be painted in the same livery as its R90C ancestor.


While driver Mark Blundell’s efforts in the 1990 qualifying session are well known, there is also an Australian connection: Alan Heaphy.


Heaphy, who today manages the resurrected Gibson Motorsport, as well as Team Mitsubishi Ralliart and Performance Parts & Engineering, spearheaded the engineering behind the mighty 1000bhp Nissan R90C. “It’s a humbling thing, seeing the new car in tribute to the old,” the former Nissan Motorsport Europe Team Manager says today.


The story of how the NME pole position came about has been etched into La Sarthe folklore: “It was the sound I remember most. Sheer bloody thunder! Then he burst into view, sideways out of the last corner. I can still see it in my mind’s eye, clear as a bell,” Heaphy recalls.


Nissan is a brand particularly close to Heaphy’s heart, having worked his way up the ranks to manage NME under Howard Marsden’s tutelage. As well as the Group C Sportscar program, he managed Nissan’s European touring car program before returning to Australia to manage the all-conquering ‘Godzilla’ GT-R program for Fred Gibson in 1992.


Bathurst 1992 is a particular highlight, but the story of competing for endurance racing’s ultimate prize still sticks firmly in Heaphy’s mind. “I was heavily involved in the Group C engine development program,” he explains. “It was a shock to work in Japan… there were 102 engineers assigned to the 3.5-litre dohc twin-turbo V8 alone!”


The Lola-designed R89C arrived for the 1989 season and it was a baptism of fire. “We had good power, up to 800bhp in racing conditions. The reliability was reasonable, but we were pretty far off in terms of economy. I calculated that we used the allocated 2250 litres of fuel in 11 hours that first year at Le Mans.”


Building on the experience gained in 1989, the 1990 R90C was significantly updated. Attention was paid to aerodynamics with the aim of improving both airflow and fuel efficiency, while suspension and cooling systems were also enhanced.


Heaphy was able to convince the Euro/Japanese team to hot weather test at Victoria’s Phillip Island in the break before the 1990 World Endurance Championship commenced. “Mark Blundell and Julian Bailey [both reached Formula 1 in their careers] came out for the test, which was focused on tyre and endurance testing in the weather. We did turn up the boost at one point, and Blundell lapped Phillip Island in 1 minute 18.2sec. It was extraordinary,” Heaphy recalls.


The return to Le Mans started well. “Practice showed we had good pace, but we weren’t exactly trail-blazing. Come qualifying there were issues with the Blundell/Bailey/Gianfranco Brancatelli car, so we sent Blundell out in the spare. It was a rudimentary thing, with no radio and on used tyres.


“I was sitting at the pit wall, and the Japanese technicians were in an office overlooking the pits. Someone tapped me on the shoulder; the Japanese were frantically gesticulating. Heart pumping, I rushed upstairs, and almost fell over. The telemetry showed a boost pressure graph that was literally vertical!


“‘Pit, pit now’ they were shouting, so I frantically tried to contact our pit board operator who was stationed near ‘Indianapolis’ corner. When I finally got through all I deciphered was: ‘He’s already gone past... and he is flying!’


“Next, it was that sound. The time flashed up, and it was six seconds faster than anyone else. I looked behind to see all the other teams wheeling away their qualifying tyres.”


Although this was the first year of the Mulsanne straight having chicanes installed, Blundell recorded a trap speed of 366km/h on his way to a 3min, 27.020sec lap. “We got the thing back, and worked out that the wastegates had failed, thanks to a blown solenoid. We estimated the engine was producing around 1100bhp for that lap,” says Heaphy.


For the race, the ‘mule’ was put away in favour of the now-repaired ‘race’ R90C. The team of Blundell/Bailey and Gianfranco Brancatelli proved that the Nissan had race pace too, able to challenge in the lead pack for the first six hours before an on-track incident with a Toyota. Eventually, the R90C returned to the pits for good after 152 laps, but its legend had been cemented.


For Le Mans 2015 Blundell will be reunited with an R90C for some demonstration laps, retelling this legendary story – with an Australian twist – to a new generation of racing fans.


Arentz wins Baw Baw with TMR Evo X


Arentz wins Mount Baw Baw Sprint in TMR Evo X

Arentz wins 2015 Mount Baw Baw Sprint

Team Mitsubishi Ralliart Performance client Clinton Arentz, along with new co-driver John McCarthy, has won the first round of the 2015 Australian Tarmac Rally Championship, the Mount Baw Baw Sprint.

The Baw Baw Sprint incorporates 220km of competitive tarmac rally stages spread over two days, using the roads from Icy Creek up to the summit of Mount Bar Baw itself.

Arentz, aboard his regular TMR Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X with which he won the 2014 ATRC Showroom 4WD category, took the top slot outright from the outright Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX of Tristan and Kate Catford with the 2014 ATRC-winning outright Evo IX of Danny Traverso and Steve Glenney in third place.

“It’s a fabulous result and well above expectations,” said Arentz of the victory. “My new co-driver John McCarthy did a fantastic job. He was recommended by my usual co-driver, Dale Moscatt, and considering this was effectively a ‘blind date’ because we only met two days ago, the result is even more satisfying.

“I always enjoy this event at Mt Baw Baw and it has been very good to me. The road is amazing to drive. It’s very tricky and challenging but when you get it right, it is the best feeling. I’m really looking forward to Lake Mountain now – bring it on!”

TMR principal Alan Heaphy added: “It’s a fantastic result for Clint, especially given the car’s showroom specification. It runs on 98 octane and has a small exhaust, but was still very quick and reliable… we didn’t put a new [unused] tyre on it over the weekend, just topped it up with fuel and off it went. Clint drove superbly and the new cockpit partnership worked well.”

Arentz and the TMR Evolution X take their championship lead to the second of the four-round ATRC rounds, the Lake Mountain Sprint in Victoria, which will be held over March 21-22. Head to for more details.

Photo credit: Ray Martin


Arentz takes ATRC Showroom title with TMR Evo X


Arentz takes ATRC Showroom title with TMR Evo X

TMR team driver Clinton Arentz, along with co-driver Dale Moscatt, have secured a second overall placing in the Australian Tarmac Rally Championship with a runner-up postion at the Snowy River Sprint.

 Arentz, driving a TMR-built and maintained Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X to 4WD Showroom specification, was able to harass series and round winner Danny Traverso, in a Modified Lancer Evolution, throughout the event, proving the performance and durability of the showroom-spec Evo X package. After 320km of mixed competitive stages, the TMR crew finished under a minute behind Traverso and co-driver Bernie Webb.

 “Clinton has developed a lot as a driver over 2014,” says TMR principal Alan Heaphy. “We were once more impressed by his performance, professionalism and his growing relationship with Dale in the car.”

 Arentz and Moscatt were presented with impressive crystal trophies for their efforts, as a result of securing both round and series championships for the 4WD Showroom class. It is the latest in the long line of championship trophies won by Team Mitsubishi Ralliart.

The team now turns to a well-deserved summer off before returning to tackle Targa and ATRC events in the new year.


TMR at Targa High Country 2014


TMR Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X

TMR at Targa High Country 2014


Targa High Country, held over 7-9 November in the Mansfield region of Victoria, was the stage for a highly competitive weekend of tarmac rallying.

The Team Mitsubishi Ralliart (TMR) crew was on-event supporting long-time Targa entrants Barrie and Jan Smith. Against heavy competition from a swag of well-developed STis, the Smiths were able to complete the rally comfortably, showing good pace to finish fourth in the 4WD Showroom class. 


"Besides routine tyre rotations and shock adjustments, we didn't lay a spanner on the car all weekend," explained TMR Engineer Pete West. "The shock adjustments made Sunday morning were designed to aid Barrie's comfort in the car, and he upped his pace accordingly."

Also competing was Max Williams in another Evo X, which was prepared for the event in the TMR garage. Entered in the more extensively-modified Modern category, Williams was able to finish fourth outright, beating a couple of R35 Nissan GT-Rs along the way and proving the ultimate pace of the TMR-prepared Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Xs.


The Targa series recommences with the inaugural Targa Hellyer Gorge on February 6-7, 2015.


Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Plug-in Hybrid Electric completes 2014 Australasian Safari


Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle successfully completed the 2014 Australasian Safari in Western Australia at the weekend.

Driving in production category A1.6, the Outlander PHEV crossed the Safari finish line in 19th place and took the title for the Hybrid and Dual Fuel Vehicles.

Built and run by Team Mitsubishi Ralliart Australia with support from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and piloted by Australian rally pairing Steve Glenney and Bernie Webb, the Outlander PHEV endured conditions described by Safari regulars as more brutal, relentless and challenging than any experienced in recent Australasian Safaris.


The Safari’s 2,500 kilometre course and extreme road conditions tested the limits of vehicles, competitors and crews across the Safari’s auto and moto categories, with many succumbing to the Safari’s long competitive stages over rocky outback tracks, corrugations and deep sand. 

Despite its production form, the Outlander’s Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle system performed faultlessly in conditions that challenged even the most heavily modified entries.

That’s not to say TMR Australia didn’t encounter hurdles along the way, with the team experiencing major setbacks as the event entered its final stages. 

These ranged from missing an overnight service after Leg Four when its service truck suffered five consecutive flat tyres on a remote and particularly rough transport stage, followed by a major impact on Leg Six that broke the Outlander PHEV’s front drive shaft and severely damaged its left front and rear suspension.

The Outlander PHEV was rebuilt by TMR Australia overnight and recovered to record the second fastest time outright on the final special stage in wet, muddy conditions heading into Kalbarri.

An Australasian Safari first-time competitor, TMR Australia Outlander PHEV driver Steve Glenney said the Dakar-style event was much more difficult than he could have imagined.


“It’s hard to appreciate just how difficult and punishing the Australasian Safari is until you’ve experienced it first hand – it’s an epic event,” he said.

“To put it into perspective, one leg of the Safari is equivalent to kilometres travelled in a weekend-long Australian Rally Championship event, so we’ve effectively done six rounds of the ARC in one week.

“And throughout all of it, the Outlander PHEV has been an absolute star.  The high-torque motors and regenerative braking worked so well in slow-speed situations, and the Super All Wheel Control has been unbelievably effective in helping us climb out of steep river crossings and over sand dunes.

“We’ve absolutely loved the challenge of competing in the Safari and, despite everything we’ve thrown at it, the mighty Outlander PHEV hasn’t skipped a beat.”

TMR Australia Team Manager Alan Heaphy said the Outlander PHEV’s 2014 Australasian Safari result establishes a new record for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in Australian motorsport.

“We’re so impressed with the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV completing the Australasian Safari rally – it’s the first plug-in hybrid to finish an Australian motorsport event and another record for us at TMR,” he said.

“Thanks to Mitsubishi Motors for having the faith in us to put the program together and the dedicated team at TMR Australia for making it happen.

“Records don’t happen very often and words can’t express how rapt we are with the Outlander PHEV’s finish and class win.”

Mitsubishi Motors gained valuable data, experience and information from the Outlander PHEV’s performance during the Safari, which will be fed back to its engineering department for future development of the company’s plug-in hybrid systems.

New frontier for Outlander PHEV


New frontier for Outlander PHEV

Mitsubishi’s sophisticated Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is set to tackle a new frontier when it takes on one of the toughest off-road events in outback Australia next month.

With technical support from Mitsubishi Motors Australia (MMAL), Team Mitsubishi Ralliart Australia (TMR Australia) will enter a plug-in hybrid Outlander PHEV in the iconic Australasian Safari, which takes place in Western Australia from 19-27 September.

It will be the first plug-in hybrid four-wheel drive officially entered in an Australian motorsport event – including the Safari, which is considered one of the most demanding off-road endurance rallies in Australia.

Experienced local driver and co-driver team of Steve Glenney and Bernie Webb will put the TMR Australia plug-in hybrid Outlander PHEV through its paces during the nine-day outback event.

The Outlander PHEV will compete in class A1 for production vehicles, in a category specially created for hybrid or dual powered vehicles.

TMR Australia’s Australasian Safari entry marks the third international off-road rally outing for an Outlander PHEV since its launch in late 2012.  Previously, the Outlander PHEV’s all-terrain performance and durability have been tested in the Thailand, Cambodia Asia Cross Country Rally, which the Mitsubishi SUV successfully completed in 2013 and 2014.

TMR Australia Outlander PHEV Safari Team Principal Alan Heaphy said the Australasian Safari is a challenging event that demands stamina and endurance from competitors and vehicles alike.

“We’re very excited about building the first plug-in hybrid to compete in the Australasian Safari,” he said.

“The Outlander PHEV showcases the latest Mitsubishi hybrid and four-wheel drive technology, making it an ideal platform for an entry in the Australasian Safari.

“From our long-term experience working with Mitsubishi products, the quality of engineering and technology is a good match for motorsport, and we’re looking forward to proving the Outlander PHEV’s durability and technology in genuine off-road conditions.”

Competing in Australasian Safari production class A1, the Outlander PHEV will be built to meet FIA specification with only minor modifications made for durability and safety.

To help it withstand the punishing conditions, the Outlander PHEV will have extra underbody and frontal protection, reinforced suspension arms and strut towers along with competition brake pads, rally tyres and springs with adjustable dampers for added strength and durability.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is the world’s first plug-in hybrid SUV.  It uses Mitsubishi Motors’ advanced electric vehicle technology by combining a 2.0L MIVEC petrol engine with high output 60kW twin front and rear motors, high capacity 12kWh drive battery and regenerative braking system for maximum efficiency and performance.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation will support the TMR Australia Outlander PHEV Safari entry by sending three plug-in hybrid specialist engineers to Western Australia for technical assistance during the gruelling seven day event, which will cover more than 2,500 competitive kilometres through sand, salt plains, dry river beds and rugged desert tracks.

The 2014 Australasian Safari concludes in Kalbarri - 600 kilometres north of Perth - on Saturday 27th September

TMR takes another Targa title


Arentz takes Showroom 4WD Championship

TMR Mitsubishi Evo X-mounted Clinton Arentz has taken the 4WD Showroom Australian Targa Championship for 2013/14 with a stirring performance at Targa Tasmania.

In the double points decider, held on the most famous tarmac rally roads in Australia, Arentz, along with renowned co-driver and new recruit Dale Moscatt, fought hard with championship rivals Ben Newman and Crichton Lewis in their Subaru Impreza STi throughout the event, with the class leadership see-sawing throughout. Arentz/Moscatt established an early 2sec lead over Newmna/Lewis on the first true test of Targa, the 15km of TS3 Sheffield in Leg One. The held a slender lead of 3sec overnight.

They lost the lead to the Subaru on Leg Two, during the tricky TS10 Elephant Pass, finally ending the day 12sec behind their championship rivals.

Leg 3 promised a better outcome, with an immediate stage win, Arentz leading Newman homw by 3sec on TS17 Mole Creek. Then, in slippery conditions on TS19 Castra, the TMR Evo X lost 9sec to trail the Subaru by 22sec overall. The race was on.

Arentz hit back on TS21 Oldina, taking 12sec out of the lead before tying the times with Newman on TS23 Plimsoll. On the tricky last stage, a 33km run into Strahan known as Rinadeena, Arentz forged ahead to lead by 5sec overnight.

Leg 4 dawned treacherously on Tasmania’s West Coast, the Targa crews needing to contend with streaming water at regular intervals. It proved to be a day were survival was perhaps more important than overall speed. It was on TS25 – the first of the morning, at Reece Dam – where Arentz took charge, winning the stage by 46sec. He ended the day with a lead of 1:31, and was placed in sixth outright, his speed and consistency paying off.

The final stamp of authority was produced on the last day, the highlight coming on the 58km of Mt Arrowsmith, where Arentz beat Newman by 53sec. From there, it was a relatively easy run to the finish, with Showroom 4WD victory, the Australian Targa Championship title for the class… and a resounding third outright in the toughest tarmac test around.

The round victory for Arentz tied him on points with Newman in the four-round championship. However, with victory in the Tasmanian jewel of the series, Arentz has been awarded a thoroughly well-deserved title.

Two other TMR Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Xs also participated at Targa Tasmania. While there was disappointment for Max Williams and Bruce Bush in the outright category (they failed to finish), Barrie Smith and co-driver Jan Smith putting in a solid performance throughout by coming fourth in the Showroom 4WD class. The Smiths were in contention for a class podium for the majority of the event, but were happy to finish what was a sometimes-treacherous event in fourth position.

Proud TMR team leader Alan Heaphy said: “For me, Arentz was the driver of the overall event. With Dale’s co-driving expertise, Clint was able to find another gear and his pace was much improved throughout the event. Even in the changing conditions, particularly in the real wet of Leg Four, they were smooth, consistent and fast.”
As ever, plans are already underway for the next Australian Targa Championship, which will commence with Targa Adelaide on 17-21 September, 2014.

TMR Targa Tasmania 2014 preview


TMR Targa 2014

TMR prepares for next Targa Tasmania assault The Team Mitsubishi Ralliart factory was abuzz in the lead up to Targa Tasmania this week, with three customer TMR Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Xs being prepared for battle in the tarmac classic, which begins on May 6.

In the traditional Mitsubishi versus Subaru Showroom 4WD battle, Clinton Arentz and Pete Burrey are competing for the overall championship in their Winston Racing Evo X. Targa Tasmania is the last round of the four event Australian Targa Championship and at present the TMR Mitsubishi team sits in second place overall with consistent podium pace.

Barrie and Jan Smith also return to the sinuous Tasmanian roads in their Showroom 4WD specification V-Sport Evo X.

In the headline Modern category Max Williams and Bruce Bush will fly the Rallimax Evo X flag with their TMR Evo X.

Be sure to check back for our full event wrap and overall championship results.

Registered 435kW TMR Evo X attacks Phillip Island


Registered 435kW TMR Evo X

Once more demonstrating the potential of a TMR-tweaked Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X, a client recently enlisted the services of Luke Youlden to drive his highly-modified – but still street registered – Evo at Victoria’s picturesque Phillip Island circuit.

Sponsored by local business Momentum Office Design, the project involved pushing the limits of what was capable with the all-wheel drive Mitsubishi rocket, while keeping the vehicle legal.

“This car generates 435kW at the wheels,” chuckles TMR chief Alan Heaphy. “In the end, the biggest limitation was in the gearing of the five-speed gearbox, which had the car on the limiter at around 275km/h half-way down the main straight at Phillip Island!”

To generate such power, the Evo X employs a stroked, 2.48-litre turbocharged four-pot with TMR-developed turbocharging. The unit also runs bespoke camshafts and is optimised for E85 fuel. To harness the grunt it runs Ohlins Dual Flow Valve dampers with revised springs.

“Out of the box the chassis is fantastic,” says Luke Youlden, “and it has awesome power.”

With a lap time of 1:39.8 in Youlden’s hands, and the potential for yet more speed, the project has shown just what the TMR team is capable of.

Targa High Country Wrap


Targa High Country 2013

Team Mitsubishi Ralliart was out in force at Victoria’s Targa High Country, held in the ‘high country’ of Victoria on November 8-10.  

Four TMR Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Xs participated in the hotly-contested 4WD Showroom class, renewing battle with a gaggle of Subaru Impreza STis and a highly competitive Volkswagen Golf R.  

Clinton Arentz/Pete Burrey were on the pace from the start, challenging the fancied Subarus of Kennard and Newman for the podium positions. In the final analysis, Arentz finished in second place, only 19 seconds off Kennard’s 2009 STi after three massive days of competition.

Scott Millar/Chris Dean overcame a damaged wheel to finish fourth in class, and Barrie Smith/Dale Moscatt came eighth after early wheel speed sensor issues were sorted.  

“We were impressed with the improved speed of the cars when compared to last year,” explained TMR boss Alan Heaphy. “The Subarus were quicker still…we were baffled at their improvement over the last 12 months, particularly on the uphill stages.”  

The final TMR-managed Evo X, driven by Simon Clarke/Peter Wickham, was withdrawn due to illness.  

TMR’s focus now turns to the New Year, with preparations underway for Targa Wrest Point in Tasmania in January. Then, it’s the big one all over again – Targa Tasmania 2014.

TMR Tarmac Wrap


TMR-built Evolutions continue to star

Held from 15-18 August, Quit Targa West saw over 80 cars
entered to tackle the fast West Australian roads. It was a quiet event for the
TMR crew, however of particular interest was the performance of the TMR-built
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X RS driven by WA local Stewart Liddle, with
co-driver Mandy Lister alongside. "This was originally built as an
outright-spec machine, but was returned to Targa Showroom specifications,"
explains TMR principal Alan Heaphy. "We were very interested to see how Stewart
got on."

Entered in the modern competition category the 2009-model
Evo X finished a creditable tenth outright, behind no less than three R35 GT-Rs
and the Porsche 911 GT2 of Jim Richards. As well as displaying consistency the
pairing was quick, with many top 10 stage times throughout  the 31 stage event .

There was little time to breathe before the next event,
Targa Adelaide, held from 21-25 August and round one of the 2013-14 Australian
Targa Championship.

Liddle had Michael Lloyd co-drive for this event, entering
into the 4WD Showroom class, long dominated by TMR-prepared machinery.

They were joined by TMR-built cars for Clint Arentz/Pete
Burrey and Michael Flood/Nathan Green. In the outright (Modern) class, regular
Barrie Smith returned with renowned co-driver Dale Moscatt in his Evo X.

In slippery, wet conditions the cars of Arentz/Burrey and
Flood/Green finished second and third in class behind Newman/Lewis in their
Impreza STi, with Liddle unfortunately recording a DNF.

In outright Smith/Moscatt survived an eventful rally to
finish in sixth position behind a mixture of R35 GTRs, a Lamborghini and a
Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

Next event on the list is Targa High Country, to be held on our home turf in Victoria from 8-10 November. Be sure to check back for the review.


Team Mitsubishi Ralliart


TMR celebrates podium position in Adelaide

TMR customer Michael Flood has taken third place at the Adelaide Hills Tarmac Rally, held in changeable weather over 22nd and 23rd June.

In only his second tarmac rally, Flood and co-driver Nathan Green piloted their TMR Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X to the podium place with a consistent, quick display.

"Michael's confidence increased throughout the event," explained TMR manager Alan Heaphy. "He managed to snag a fastest stage time (Stage 9) and backed that up with another victory on Stage 18."

Flood benefited from a preliminary test day at Winton , with Targa Tasmania champion Steve Glenney on-hand for expert tuition. TMR can offer this service to our clients, providing an opportunity to best extract the awesome performance on offer from a TMR-prepared Lancer Evolution.

*Thanks to MWP Sports Photography for the images

TMR at Targa Tasmania


Targa Tasmania 2013:
10 cars and the 4WD Showroom Championship for TMR

Targa Tasmania is undoubtedly the 'Grand Final' of tarmac
rallying in Australia, and the TMR Performance Team was out in force.

No less than ten TMR-prepared or maintained Mitsubishi
Lancer Evolutions were entered in 'The Ultimate Tarmac Rally', which
encompassed six days and nearly 600 kilometres of competitive rallying across
the Apple Isle.

Targa Tasmania is also the last and most glamorous event in
the four-round Australian Targa Championship, and this was in the mind several
TMR crews who were in with a shot of gaining championship glory.

TMR Performance had five vehicles entered in Targa's Modern
Outright category, with another five gunning for 4WD Showroom class honours.

"We adopted a measured approach to Targa this time,"
explained team boss Alan Heaphy. "As several of our clients were in
championship contention, we wanted to ensure the cars came home in points
paying positions."

We chatted with Alan to get his thoughts on each of the team's
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions and how they went throughout Targa week.

Modern outright

Clint Arentz/Pete Burrey, 7th  in Winston Racing Evo X. Secured 2nd outright in Australian Targa Championship

"We were very pleased with Clint's performance, and finishing second in the championship behind only the White's Lamborghini Gallardo was a wonderful achievement. By the time we arrived in Strahan for Leg Four, we decided to conserve the car and bring it home. Seventh was a great result against the competition and demonstrates that the Evo X is still a
formidable outright car."


Michael Willems/Gerard Balint, 12th in Ray White Evo X.

"We prepared Michael's Evo X for Targa. It was his first tarmac rally, so to finish 12th in Modern was a great achievement. The car ran beautifully."


Max Williams/Bruce Bush, 16th in Rallimax Evo X.

"Max and Bruce ran with a tyre which turned out to be too soft for the warm weather we had throughout the week. Given that, and the eight tyre limit, it was decided to bypass Leg Four and have the car finish Day Five. They made the finish at Wrest Point which is a massive achievement in itself."


Kym Illman/Kate Lehmann, 18th in Messages on Hold Evo IX.

"Unfortunately Kym's co-driver Kate is the fiancée of Tristan Catford, who was John Mansell's co-driver (Mansell, 73, passed away after an incident on Leg One). After securing a replacement co-driver (Daniel Willson) the crew took things steadily to the finish."


Barrie Smith/Jan Smith, DNF in V-Sport Evo X.

"It was a case of bad timing. The engine in the Smith car has done around 30,000 kilometres of competitive rallying, and it was scheduled for a change post-Targa. Unfortunately it decided this event would be its last, but it will get a new engine and it will be back in tarmac action shortly."

Showroom 4WD

In a real show of strength, TMR built or maintained
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions took five of the top ten places in Showroom 4WD.

Gregory Burrowes/Rhonda Burrowes, 2nd in Evo X. Secured Showroom 4WD

"The Burrowes car was built externally, but TMR serviced and managed it on-event. We are pleased to have assisted them in gaining the Showroom 4WD Championship, and to see them in second place on the Targa podium."


Michael Minshall/Kirrilee Gentleman, 4th in Evo IX

"Michael and Kirrilee drove consistently and quickly throughout the weekend, and the Evo IX worked beautifully. We were disappointed for them not being on the podium, as they were beaten to the podium by two cars that had suspension which was not quite within the regulations. We were very disappointed that the organisers allowed those two cars to retain their finishing position. Hopefully there will be a more even playing field in future
events, and that will give Michael the opportunity to achieve an even better result."


Roy Davis/Colleen Davis, 5th in Evo X

"Another consistent, fast, and trouble free run saw the Davis Evo X finish well in fifth place."


Norm Sutton/Sue Hanley, 7th in Evo X

"No issues with the Sutton/Hanley car. It was a simple case of checking fluid levels and tyre pressures, and they did a great job to bring the car home."


Scott Millar/Chris Dean, 10th in Evo X

"After really setting the Showroom 4WD pace over the first few days, Scotty hit some oil on Leg Three and spun off, whilst in fifth gear. Needless to say it was a scary moment for him and there was some damage to the car.

"Our crew got the car back to parc ferme in Strahan, but we decided to pull it out of Leg Four and have Scott and Chris re-enter on Leg Five, to get to the finish in Wrest Point and qualify for championship points. They achieved that and finished fourth in the championship."

Needless to say, a 9 out of 10 finishing record proves once again the strength and reliability of the TMR-prepared Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution range. Congratulations to all of our Targa crews, and the hard-working service team.

Arentz wins at Mt. Baw Baw with TMR Evo X


Arentz victorious at Baw Baw, leads ATRC championship

TMR clients and reigning ATRC champions Clinton Arentz and co-driver Peter Burrey have taken victory in the 2013 Mt. Baw Baw Sprint, round one of the Australian Tarmac Rally Championship, held on March 2-3.

Arentz and his Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X battled with the Samantha Stevens/Daniel Lemish Evo VI throughout two days of competitive multi-stage rallying, emerging victorious by a scant 50 seconds after nearly two and a half hours of stage action.

As well as Stevens/Lemish, the Subaru of Nathan Reeves/Reubecca Sheldrick and the Evos of Danny Traverso/Tim Kulhanek and Jeff and Catherine Denmeade all won at least one individual stage but suffered from a variety of problems.

"We are very happy with the way Clint and Pete went," explained TMR boss Alan Heaphy. "There were several competitive cars that threatened at one stage or another but we were able to maintain our pace and get to the finish on top of the podium."

Consistency was the key for the pair, who focussed on finishing each of the 16 stages near the top of the charts. The strategy paid off and they take the maximum 1000 points and a championship lead into round two of the four-round series, to be held at Lake Mountain, Victoria on May 25-26.

Targa Wrest Point Wrap


Targa Wrest Point Wrap   


It was an action packed weekend at Targa Wrest Point, with
four TMR-prepared and managed Mitsubishi Evolutions competing for honours
across two different classes.

The 4WD Showroom category is a traditional STi/Evo battleground
and the latest instalment proved no exception. TMR clients Scott Millar and
Christopher Dean emerged victorious in their Hyperactive Designs Evolution X,
with a 16 second margin over the 2010 Subaru WRX STi of Newman/Lewis.

"There were some timing issues on the last day. At one stage
the timing showed Scott as being almost five minutes ahead of second place. I
told him to take it easy and preserve the car, which he did. Suddenly late in
the day the Newman car reappeared in our timing and was much closer than we had
thought!" explained TMR team boss Alan Heaphy, indicating that the 16 second
final margin could have been far greater.

Alan Evans, in a TMR-developed but independently-run Evo X,
crashed out of the 4WD Showroom challenge with a multiple roll-over accident
that resulted in a lot of car damage, but a fortunately unhurt crew. "That car
ran a bolt-in roll cage to our own specifications. Not only did it protect the
occupants but it hasn't budged in the impact, despite the massive external
damage. It proves that a properly designed bolt-in cage can do a vital job,
with the added advantage of being able to take it out in sections for road use
as required," said Heaphy. "Combine that with the cost saving, which can be up
to $10,000 over a proper weld-in cage, and the right bolt-in becomes a great
option…and it requires little alteration to the car's interior."


In the fierce Modern category, Clinton Arentz and co-driver
Pete Burrey finished 7th. The Winston Racind team's 2009 Evo X
benefitted from several freedoms over the 4WD Showroom equivalent, producing
more power and weighing less thanks to the more relaxed rules. Still, they
faced an uphill battle against the might of the White's Lamborghini, the
Richards/Oliver Porsche, Close/Close Audi TT RS and a selection of R35 Nissan

Kym Illman and Kathryn Lehmann finished 9th in
the Modern Category in their older Messages On Hold Mitsubishi Evolution IX,
while Barrie and Jan Smith failed to make the finish in their V-Sport Evolution


After Targa Wrest Point, Millar sits third in the 4WD
Showroom Championship with the big dance, Targa Tasmania, remaining. Clint
Arentz also sits third in the Modern championship behind the GT-Rs of Quinn and

Targa Tasmania will be held from 16-21 April 2013, so check
back for updates as we prepare to fight for both titles!



Arentz/Burrey take ATRC title with TMR Evo X


Arentz/Burrey take ATRC title at Lake Mountain Sprint


With a third placing at the Lake Mountain Sprint, TMR
clients Clinton Arentz/Peter Burrey have won the outright Modern category of
the Australian Tarmac Rally Championship, run by Mountain Motorsports.

This four-round championship takes in challenging tarmac
roads on Australia's East Coast, culminating this year with 11 runs up the Lake
Mountain access road over November 24-25.

Arentz/Burrey drove their TMR-prepared Winston Development Services Mitsubishi Evo X to
the final step of the podium behind victors Hendy/Sibley (Nissan Skyline GT-R
R34) and the Evo IX of Traverso/Kulhanek, which the TMR crew assisted back onto
the road after it experienced gearbox issues; a display of true camaraderie
amongst competitors.

After easing into the weekend, Arentz/Burrey dipped under
the five minute mark for the first time on SS3 and then rattled off consistent
times around the 4 minute 55 mark, with a best of 4.52.70. Their SS11 time of
4.54.70, was fastest overall for that stage.

The points gained from the Lake Mountain Sprint gave
Arentz/Burrey a total of 2687 championship points, enough to take the flag from
Traverso/Kulhanek (1500 points) and the experienced Hendy/Sibley (1422).

"We're extremely pleased with the progress and maturity
Clinton has shown throughout the tarmac rallying season," said TMR boss Alan
Heaphy. "They were fast and consistent, which is exactly what you need in the
tarmac rally discipline. Our congratulations go to him and Peter."

The 2013 Australian Tarmac Rally Championship opens with the
Mt Baw Baw multi-stage event on March 2-3, 2013.

TMR takes fourth consecutive Manufacturers Championship


TMR takes fourth consecutive Australian Manufacturers Championship

In a weekend of fraught racing, the TMR Performance
Mitsubishi Evo X RS of Stuart Kostera and Inky Tulloch sealed the Australian
Manufacturers Championship for Mitsubishi- the fourth time on the trot that TMR
have delivered this trophy.

Held at Sandown from November 24-25, the final round
ManChamp battle saw Kostera arrive with a slim driver's championship lead over
Tulloch, with Dylan Thomas- also Mitsubishi Evo X RS mounted- close enough in
the standings to make a real fight of it.

After qualifying fifth to Thomas in eighth, the first 40 lap
race on Saturday afternoon proved a hard-fought battle between Kostera/Tulloch
and their championship rival, who drove solo after a late withdrawal from
Dylan's co-driving father David. As sunset loomed, Thomas took the initiative
to pass the TMR Evo X with two laps remaining totake outright victory by a
slender four-tenths of a second.

Sunday's cooler conditions saw Beric Lynton's rapid BMW 1M
come to the fore as he joined the fight at the head of the field. After another
intense final lap, Lynton beat Kostera/Tulloch to the flag by under two-tenths
of a second. With Thomas finishing fifth it was enough to put a final seal on
both championships for TMR, Stuart Kostera emerging as driver's champion for
the third time in a row.

"It was great racing throughout the weekend, and we are
extremely proud to have won both titles again," explained TMR team boss Alan
Heaphy. "In the context of this round, we were somewhat disappointed to have
been so close to victory on both days, but in the end caution and two second
places gave us the points we needed to close out the season as champions."

With the Australian Manufacturers Championship now
completed, TMR has sold their multiple-championship winning Mitsubishi Evo X RS
on to a client. "After four years at the forefront of the championship, we will
now look to other in-house projects. We will continue to supply parts and
expertise to our customer Evo Xs in the Australian Manufacturers Championship,
but watch this space for news on what direction we're going to take next!" said

Targa High Country 2012 Top Results


Targa High Country 2012

Big results for TMR at Targa High Country
TMR has come away from the second round of the 2012-13 Australian Targa Championship on a high after all six supported entries finished the gruelling Targa High Country, held near Mansfield, Victoria on November 9-11.
With perfect springtime weather throughout the weekend, the sinuous roads that make up the event- including the legendary Mount Buller stage which completes the rally- played host to 165 entries ranging from classic 1960s muscle cars to modern all-wheel drive weaponry.
TMR, regularly acknowledged as the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution tarmac rally specialists, focused their efforts on the 4WD Showroom class which included competition from other Evolutions as well as Subaru’s Impreza WRX STi and Volkswagen’s Golf R.
All four TMR-prepared Showroom 4WD Evolutions finished, taking four of the top seven places with an emphatic 1-2 finish for the TMR Evo X RS models of Tarmac/Hankook sponsored Dean Evans/Matthew Harriott and Hyperactive Designs’ Scott Millar/Christopher Dean.
Evans, who is defending his 4WD Showroom title, was an incredible fifth outright, mixing it with the less-restricted Modern vehicle class and the resident Nissan R35 GT-Rs and Porsche 911 GT2s. “We’ve moved to the Evo X RS model for this season, and it’s about 100kg lighter than the GSR it replaced,” he explained. “We have gained around a second per kilometre over last year and are managing the (hard-compound) tyres better. The car was great throughout, it was just a matter of keeping it neat and tidy and avoiding trouble.”
The Millar/Dean Evo X RS, finishing around two minutes ahead of the third-placed Subaru. “The car was faultless, but we chose to run with medium tyres all-around and they just couldn’t last the distance. We changed front to back for Day 2 and the morning was okay but by lunchtime we were back to conserving the gap to third place. We’re very happy with the TMR 1-2, and will make some setup changes for the next round to hopefully get closer to Dean,” said Scott.
In sixth spot came the Evo IX GSR of Michael Minshall/Kirrilee Gentleman with the Rallimax Evo X of Norm Sutton/Sue Hanley right behind in seventh.
TMR also prepared two Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Xs for the Modern category. Clinton Arentz along with co-driver Pete Burrey in the Winston Group Racing example continued to impress with a fine seventh in Modern and first Evo in class. Barrie and Jan Smith also realised a top-ten category finish with tenth place and second Evo in class in their V-Sport Australia-entered TMR Evo X.
“We’ve had a reasonably hassle-free weekend, with all the cars finishing and being very competitive,” said TMR boss Alan Heaphy. “For Dean to run so closely to the top Modern cars shows just how much performance we have unlocked in the TMR Showroom specification Evo X RS.”
The Australian Targa Championship now moves to its spiritual home in Tasmania for the third round of the championship, Targa Wrest Point on 2-3 February 2013.

Australian Manufacturers Championship


TMR Prepares for the Australian Manufacturers Championship

TMR prepares for Championship battle.
With the final round of the Australian Manufacturer’s Championship to be held at Sandown in Victoria over November 24/25, the championship-leading TMR Mitsubishi Evo X of Stuart Kostera and Inky Tulloch has a battle on its hands. If the pairing fares well at Sandown, the team will take the Manufacturer’s Championship crown for the fourth time in succession- a wonderful achievement for Team Mitsubishi Ralliart. As an added incentive, Kostera can also complete a hat-trick of driver’s championships this weekend.
This season has been hard-fought over the opening four rounds, with youngster Dylan Thomas in his Evo IX RS emerging as a tough competitor. He is the key championship combatant heading in to the Shannons Nationals at Sandown. “Thomas is very quick and is well within striking distance,” explained TMR boss Alan Heaphy as the car was prepared in the TMR workshop.  “The level of competition this year has forced us to ramp up our testing in preparation. As well as Dylan’s car, there are several Evo Xs out there- four built by us- that are really pushing the envelope and are forcing us to further develop the car.”
Currently Kostera sits on 344 points, Tulloch 342, with Thomas on 288 and Jim Pollinca’s Evo X on 240 points in hot pursuit. Mitsubishi leads the constructors with 840 points, 93 ahead of BMW/MINI.
Sandown’s finale sees the Manufacturer’s Championship cars practice on Friday ahead of a 30minute qualifying session on Saturday. The 40 lap Race 1 commences at 4.20pm Saturday, with an additional 40 lap decider on Sunday from 4.05pm.


Supaloc Targa Adelaide tamed by TMR


TMR contested the recent Supaloc Targa Adelaide around the wonderful winding roads of the Adelaide Hill’s with three Mitsubishi Evo X lancers bringing home solid results all round.
Leading the charge was the Smith-Smith EVO X prepared and run at the event by the highly skilled team of TMR engineers taking out 6th place in the Modern category.
Hot on their heels was the rapidly evolving Arentz-Burrey entry in 7th position under one second behind Smith.
Clinton Arentz has been making huge leaps in performance and currently leads the Mountain Motorsport tarmac rally series. Smartly Arentz started the Targa Adelaide event cautiously with poor conditions setting the scene for what would be a tough event. The end result a exception step in the right direction to outright competitiveness.
Debuting a brand new car was the Flood-Green entry looking outstanding in it’s Sinch Creative branding. The TMR built and run EVO X ran faultlessly for the duration of the high paced event securing second place in the Showroom 4WD class. Adelaide local Michael Flood purchased a brand new EVO X off the showroom floor just six weeks prior to the Supaloc Targa Adelaide event. He then shipped it to TMR headquarters in Melbourne for the full tarmac treatment to Showroom 4WD specification and then hit the start line. An awesome effort for the crew and TMR engineers.
The Supaloc Targa Adelaide was held on the fast and winding roads on Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills taking in the sights and sounds of the city of Churches with a super special night stage to start the event.
With continually changing and very slippery conditions tyre choices were critical. TMR boss Alan Heaphy, the mastermind of numerous Bathurst 1000 victories led his team with confident tyre choices and strategy.
“All the guys did a great job. Clinton in particular is really making huge headway as he moves from the junior series to the main game. His speed is great and what’s more he’s bringing the car back each time too. Very smart driving. The stages in the Australian Targa Championship events are longer so concentration and consistency is even more important. He took it in his stride.” said Heaphy.
“I’m really thrilled too for the Michael Flood with his brand new TMR built EVO X. Just six weeks before the event this car came off the showroom floor, arrived at out workshop and now here he is racing to second in class on debut. Outstanding stuff.” said Heaphy.
The next stop for TMR Performance in the Australian Targa Championship is the mountains of Victoria for Targa High Country in November. The fast and steep roads around Mount Buller make for a thrilling spectacle as a massive fleet of the best tarmac rally cars and stars in the country fight the clock for outright honours.
With another huge fleet of EVO’s to prepare and maintain during the event, this is when the Championship starts to get serious as they head for more victories to add to the mantle.


Number 50 for the Bathurst Edition EVO X



TMR Performance have a long history in motorsport with a focus on Mitsubishi products having taken this race knowledge to the road in a number of Ralliart inspired projects. The creation of the Bathurst Edition EVO-X came after TMR’s winning ways on race and rally circuits and particularly at Australia’s most famous and toughest race track, Mount Panorama, Bathurst.

Official Endorsed by the Bathurst City Council and featuring the world renown Bathurst circuit in its badging, the Bathurst Edition EVO-X has been a hit with customers all over Australia since it launched.

When Mitsubishi and I agreed to make this car I don’t think anyone thought that one day we would deliver 50 units let alone surpass that. Customers are still asking questions and considering purchases whilst the model is still on the market.” said Alan Heaphy. “Henoh was adamant he wanted car number 50 and I’m proud to be able to hand him the keys. It’s a great looking car and more the point it’s a great performance car for the road” Heaphy continued. Specification for the motorsport bred Bathurst Edition EVO-X remain unchanged from its launch with customers continuing to praise the power advantages over the standard model and the suspension tuning as the cars greatest assets. The BE (Bathurst Edition) is truly a car I’ve had my heart set on for some time and I think having number 50 is a special gift. It’s really a great car, I think Alan and his TMR team should be congratulated. Thanks guys.” said car owner Henoh Dezol. TMR and Mitsubishi dealers Australia wide are still taking orders for the Bathurst Edition EVO-X with no end in sight. To find out more about purchasing your own piece of Australian motor racing history visit your local Mitsubishi dealer of contact TMR direct on (03) 9271 3668 and speak directly with Alan Heaphy.

Round Three Australian Manufacturers Championship



The factory TMR driving pair of Stuart Kostera and Inky Tullock remain the series leaders after a tough fought race at Phillip Island recently. Driving their familiar TMR Mitsubishi Evolution X RS, Kostera and Tulloch finished fourth at round three of the Australian Manufacturers Championship at Phillip Island. The event held in what can only be described as dismal conditions, some of the worst seen at the circuit in many years. 


With the world famous Phillip Island circuit closed due to flooding from torrential rain all teams were on an equal footing with lost track time however this effected some more than others.

The slippery conditions caught out many drivers when the track re-opened including Tullock who left the circuit at over 200km/h heading through the infamous ‘hayshed’ sweeping bends.

 Damage to the car was inevitable at that speed with the entire right hand side of the car damaged yet remarkably still drivable. Thankfully Tullock was not injured.

 TMR’s team and gun engineers took about repairing the car to race trim and with no time recorded in qualifying Kostera and Tullock were forced to start from rear of field.

 Always up for a challenge, the triple championship winning team took the bull by the horns and raced smart and hard across the event.

 Race one was a one hour enduro where a conservative tyre choice and heavy rain threw any race plan out the window and it all came down the management and driving  performance.

Rewarded with third outright from rear of field was certainly a bonus the team had not expected.

TMR team boss Alan Heaphy spied a star of the future in young Dylan Thomas driving a similar EVO X Lancer. The young driver took out the win using softer compound tyres, a good strategy and the reassurance of ABS which was lacking in the factory car following the crash.

Race two and the TMR pairing of Kostera and Tulloch started from third and all was looking good. A potential mistake by Tullock at the start saw him penalised five seconds for an alleged jump-start.

In the lead by lap seven, Tulloch pitted early to put Kostera into the car. As can often happen in endurance racing another competitors car was blocking the TMR pit bay.

In the heat of racing and all the confusion, Tullock hit the other competitors door as they opened it to do a driver change, badly damaging the TMR EVO X left hand front fender and front spoiler.

Another lost minute in the pit lane mishap and Kostera hit the track to fight back up the order, however it was not to be.

A strange electrical problem arose on the heavily damaged TMR EVO X RS causing intermittent electrical problems. Kostera nursed the wounded TMR EVO X RS home to fourth place, where the crew took enough points to maintain their championship lead.

TMR hold a series lead but also take much pride in being beaten on race day by their own creations with overall winners Gary Holt and Ryan McCleod driving their TMR built EVO X to victory.

“Whilst it’s disappointing not to win the round, we’re here to win the Championship to make in four in a row. From a business perspective, I’m rapt to see the cars we build at TMR taking on the factory cars and at time winning. It goes to show we build each and every car to the highest standards and I’m very proud of that.” said TMR boss Alan Heaphy.

Targa Tasmania 2012


RALLIMAX drivers Max Williams and Bruce Bush have finished 4th Outright in the 2012 Targa Tasmania driving a TMR built and prepared SST transmission Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X.
The TMR Team had 14 competing cars, a crew of 10 people, a championship victory on the line and came a raft of pressures which the team once again took in its stride with another 100% finishing record.
Dean Evans and his TMR run Hankook EVO X won the 4WD Showroom Class of the 2012 Targa Championship after securing second place in the 4WD Showroom class ahead of TMR stablemate Scott Millar in a similar TMR run EVO X making it a TMR 1-2 result.
The overall event was a resounding success for TMR with the introduction of some new technologies assisting in the continual development of the cars for greater speed, handling and reliability.

“We had some new tricky clutch bits in the SST transmission fitted to the Williams/Bush car which we have developed in conjunction with a New Zealand company, Dodsons Motorsport.. The SST transmission is now a very effective tool in this application and I have no doubt assisted in the Williams/Bush car getting the results it did, said TMR Boss, Alan Heaphy
“Our ongoing  relationship with Ohlins was very successful, we had Dean Evans in his Evo X RS win the Show Room 4 Wheel Drive Championship, Max Williams with Bruce Bush Evo X finish 4th outright, Peter Wrench Evo X win the Novice Rally Section outright and Alan Evan Evo X change onto the Ohlins package mid event which transformed the handling of his car. The package is not expensive and very easy to work with straight out of the box so as a showroom spec system they are very very good.” he continued.
In all the world famous event attracted well over 200 competitors across 11 classes with the overall event being won by the Lamborghini Gallardo of locals Jason and John White.
TMR’s entire crew of 10 people were on hand in Tasmania throughout the entire event servicing all 14 vehicles as required keeping them all in full competitive condition. Once again the team secured an enviable results with all 14 cars finishing the event marking yet another successful event for TMR.
Entry 142:              Peter Wrench & Liam Dunn (Mitsubishi EVO X)

Entry 904:              Scott Millar & Christopher Dean (Mitsubishi EVO X)
Entry 907:              Brandan Winterboun & Nathan Long (Mitsubishi EVO X)
Entry 911:              Dean Evans & Mathew Harriott  (Mitsubishi EVO X)
Entry 935:              John Lilleyman & Guy Lilleyman (Mitsubishi EVO IX)
Entry 944:              Glynn Crimp & Paul van der Mey (Mitsubishi EVO X)
Entry 950:              Gregory Burrowes & Rhonda Burrowes (Mitsubishi EVO X)
Entry 955:              Kym Illman & Antonia Spiers (Mitsubishi EVO IX)
Entry 957:              Barrie Smith & Jan Smith (Mitsubishi EVO X)
Entry 959:              Michael Minshall & Kirrilee Glenleman (Mitsubishi EVO IX)
Entry 966:              Norm Sutton & Sue Hanley (Mitsubishi EVO X)
Entry 967:              Mark Connolly & Ann Connolly (Mitsubishi EVO IX)
Entry 983:              Alan Evans & Frank Brookhouse (Mitsubishi EVO X)
Entry 990:              Max Williams & Bruce Bush (Mitsubishi EVO X)



TMR has started the 2012 Australian Manufacturers Championship the same way it finished 2011 - WINNING. Another clean sweep of pole position, two race wins and fastest lap time at last weekend’s season opener at Eastern Creek Raceway cemented a solid start to 2012.

Defending two-time champion Stuart Kostera was joined by TMR team-mate Ian ‘Inky’ Tulloch to take pole position by 1.2 seconds, and a convincing victory at each of the two one-hour races with a compulsory pit-stop, dominating in their TMR Performance built and run Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X RS.

Having put the car on pole, Tulloch led the first race for all but a few laps during the pit-stop shuffle. The duo then had a trouble-free race, with the TMR crew performing a similarly clean pit-stop, going on to win by 25 seconds, over the similar Evo X RS of Jim Pollicina, and the Thomas/Thomas Evolution IX, making it a Mitsubishi 1-2-3.

A day later, the TMR team of Kostera and Tulloch backed it up, streaking from pole position, making the compulsory stop for the driver change and pushing out to a remarkable flag to flag victory, this time by 31 seconds, with the podium repeating itself. This capped off a perfect weekend for the TMR crew in a position it is accustomed to, realising and reinforcing its dominance and championship-winning potential it has displayed over the past four seasons.

The next round of the Australian Manufacturers Championship is a 6-Hour Endurance Race
Phillip Island, Victoria 28-29 April



Mitsubishis have dominated the 4WD Showroom competition at last weekend’s Targa High Country, in Hobart, Tasmania, with TMR’s team taking out second and third in class, and moving into first and second in the 2012 4WD Showroom Australian Targa Championship.

Sponsored by TMR Performance, the 4WD Showroom class was an all-Mitsubishi podium with Hobart local Eddie Maguire taking the win in his Evo IX RS, ahead of the two TMR factory run cars of Dean Evans/Zoey Gillis (Evo X MR) and Scott Millar/Christopher Dean, (Evo X RS).

Following similar results round one of the three-round championship at Targa High Country in November, they move into first and second place of the 2012 4WD Showroom championship.

As part of a six-car TMR team, Barrie Smith was the highest placed in the outright Modern class, finishing a strong ninth in his Evolution X MR.

The third and final round of the Australian Targa Championship is in April, for the 21st Targa Tasmania, where double-points are on offer. TMR Boss Alan Heaphy is confident his team will field cars capable of victory.

“For Targa Tasmania we’re planning a few changes including some car upgrades and a little more development. The drivers and navigators are all up to speed but need to continue the focus for the event duration so we’re very confident 2012 is going to bring home victory.” said Heaphy.



In what can only be described as a sensational season for Team Mitsubishi Ralliart (TMR) led by motor sport legend Alan Heaphy, the team has won 5 championship titles in the 1 season.

TMR Australia’s star driver Stuart Kostera has won the 2011 Australian Manufacturers Championship and the 2011 Class A Drivers Championship. TMR Australia has taken out the Australian Production Car Endurance Championship together with the Australian Endurance Championship and to cap off the season secured the Australian Manufacturers Championship for Mitsubishi for the third successive year rounding off a near perfect race season for TMR once again.

The final event of the 2011 season was held at Sydney’s Eastern Creek circuit in terrible condition where the team worked hard on pacing themselves to take out the Championships above all else on the day during a 6 Hour Endurance race.

TMR’s Stuart Kostera and Inky (Ian) Tulloch finished 2nd at last weekend’s Eastern Creek 6 Hour after a gruelling and closely fought six-hour battle against five other Mitsubishi Evos, a Subaru STi and a BMW 335i.

The TMR Evo X RS of Kostera/Tulloch finished second outright, just nine seconds off the winning BMW Chaz Mostert and Nathan Morcom.

“Our strategy for the 6 Hour was to win the Championship” said team boss Alan Heaphy.

“We would loved to have finish the season on a race win, but it was not to be. I’m am however so proud for the team and for Mitsubishi that once again we have secured the Championship. In fact we’ve won 5!”

In wet conditions on the shorter Eastern Creek North Circuit, TMR called a race strategy that would almost win them the race with the finish coming down to just nine seconds through a raft of tyre failures during the event.

The TMR EVO X of Kostera and Tulloch suffered major tyre problems with the right front delaminating four times during the race. The ensuing unplanned pit stops to change wheels forced the team to allow the BMW of race winner Mostert and Morcom past and a full two laps in front at one point.

The multiple Bathurst 1000 winning team of Alan Heaphy and Peter West along with other key TMR personnel shone through with their race strategy experience on fuel conservation to rein in the lead car all the way to the finish securing 2nd position in the race but more importantly the Championship win once again.


TMR Australia 2011 Season

1st Australian Manufacturers Championship (Mitsubishi)

1st Australian Production Car Endurance Championship

1st Australian Endurance Championship

1st AMC Drivers Championship (Stuart Kostera)

1st Class A Drivers Championship (Stuart Kostera)

2nd AMC Drivers Championship (Inky [Ian] Tulloch)

2nd Class A Drivers Championship (Inku [Ian] Tulloch)

Further Information

Alan Heaphy
Team Principal - TMR Australia
Telephone (03) 9271 3668

Paul Burfitt
Media and Marketing
Telephone: 0488 400 733

TMR Targa High Country Report



Mitsubishis built and run by TMR Performance have dominated Targa High Country, round one of the Australian Tarmac Championship for Modern cars.

With an incredible 11 cars spread across the Modern and 4WD Showroom categories, TMR Mitsubishis dominated the podium of the 4WD Showroom class, while others finished strongly in the Modern outright category.

The most tightly fought battle was the TMR-sponsored 4WD Showroom class, with Scott Millar (TMR Evo X RS), Dean Evans (TMR Evo X MR) and Ric Shaw (TMR Evo X RS) all fighting for the podium positions. Evans and Millar tied the first stage, before Evans forged out a lead of 49 seconds after leg one, back to Shaw and Millar in third. But running soft compound Hankook tyres, the two days of 30 degree ambient temperatures took their toll and Evans’ times slipped, allowing Shaw to pull back the time, with just four seconds separating the two going into the final Mt Buller 16km stage; Shaw won the stage by five seconds, subsequently claiming the victory by just one second, the closest finish in Targa history. Millar, who had consolidated his place on the podium, conserved both car and tyres and finished a secure third, forging a podium lockout for Mitsubishi’s Evo X.

Peter Wrench (5th), Michael Minshall (8th), Norm Sutton (11th) and Alan Evans (12th) were all TMR Evolutions, reinforcing the popularity of the car and the class for Mitsubishi.

In the Modern category, Max Williams’s TMR Evo X MR was the best in ‘outright’, finishing 16th, one place ahead of Barrie Smith’s TMR Evo X MR. Kim Illman had been running inside the top 20 in his Evo IX, until a mechanical breakage dropped him down the order, but he recovered to finish 30th.

An excellent effort by all the TMR cars to finish and reinforce the cost effectiveness of TMR’s cars in tarmac rallies competition. The next major round is in late January, for Targa Wrest Point.




Genuine Ralliart Coil over suspension to Suit EVO 7,8 and 9 for street or track.

This genuine Ralliart performance suspension kit boasts superior handling over the stock suspension package and is currently fited to the TMR award winning 220 EVO 9.

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The Mitsubishi Evolution MR Club Spec of TMR Performance has cracked into the top five at last weekend’s 2011 Quit Targa West, and the highest placed showroom specification car of the event.

On roads dominated by supercars, while the Nissan GT-Rs of Steve Jones and Matt Sims and the Porsche GT2 RS of Jim Richards filled the podium, the Evo X MR of Dean Evans and Toni Feaver claimed fifth outright, taking their Hankook-shod Lancer to some third-fastest stage times, and never slower than 10th, while showing the consistency that kept them in the top six outright for much of the 212 competitive kilometre four-day event.

The TMR built Evo X is based on an up-spec MR model, with SST twin-clutch gearbox, and a TMR power tune to 290kW, on 98-octane fuel.

“It’s probably as close to a production car as you could get,” explained TMR’s Alan Heaphy. “We fitted a three-inch exhaust, put good coil-overs under it and a set of brake pads, and that’s about it. To put in those times, and to place fifth outright on an event that favours supercars like the GT-Rs and Porsches, it’s a fantastic value-for-money package – the Evo X was worth $75,000 and competing against cars at least twice its price. Dean and Toni did a fantastic job and both car and crew ran faultlessly all event”.

For Evans it was also a personal victory, having had his first ever crash in 16 years of racing at the 2010 event in the same car: “last year we were punished hard for a small mistake, but TMR did a great job rebuilding the Evo, and to come back and claim a top five in a showroom spec car is the perfect way to thank the TMR crew and the car, and Hankook Tyres for its ongoing support.”

Evans and the Hankook TMR Evo X have now claimed 1st in Showroom at Mt Buller Sprint 2009, 2nd at Targa Wrest Point and Targa Tasmania 2010, 6th outright at Targa High Country 2010 and now 5th outright at Targa West 2011 capping off strong results for what is a very cost effective way to experience top level motorsport.



TMR Performance has won round three of the 2011 Australian Manufacturers Championship in another dominant display by its Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, driven by Stuart Kostera and Ian ‘Inky’ Tulloch.

Held at Morgan Park, Aug 13-14 2011, the Evo X qualified on pole position by 0.6 seconds, and in each of the one-hour 39-lap races, jumped to a lead, temporarily relinquished only during the mandatory pit-stop. The result was reinforced in race two, with Kostera/Tulloch winning the 60-minute race by a convincing 23 seconds.

Leading an Evolution podium, Kostera and Tulloch beat the two Evolution IXs of Dylan Thomas and Jim Pollicina in both races, with the Mazda3 MPS of Jake Camilleri placed fourth.

The win continues a dominant and unbeaten run for the TMR team in 2011, with the team targeting its second back-to-back national championship. The fourth round of the five-round championship continues at Sandown Raceway, Victoria, Sept 9-11 2011, before the final round at the Eastern Creek 8hr in Dec 9-11 2011.

TMR Performance builds and runs the Evolution X in production car races, tarmac rallies and a number of motorsport arenas.



Today, the next chapter of Evolution X performance tuning by TMR is unveiled with the launch of the Australian designed, developed and built 2.5-litre engine, offering substantial improvements to power, torque and performance.

Both power and torque are improved substantially, with dyno outputs showing 333kW at all four wheels – around 423kW at the engine, or 564hp. Power also increases across the range with a reduction of engine revs required to reach peak power, putting less stress on the engine.

Torque also increases substantially, with a 40 percent improvement across the rev range, producing more torque at fewer revs. As featured in Motor Magazine’s 2011 Hot Tuner Challenge, the Evo X was running a MoTeC M800 plug-in ECU, TMR turbo dump pipe and three-inch exhaust, and was performance timed at 0-100km/h in 4.1 seconds, with a 12.1 quarter-mile at 185km/h.

For more information on the TMR Performance 2.5-litre engine upgrade, contact TMR Performance for pricing and more information.



Stuart Kostera and Inky Tulloch have won the round of the Australian Production Car Endurance Championship six hour race at Philip Island in a TMR Performance Evolution X RS.

Starting from pole position, from an amalgamated time derived from both driver's fastest times, Kostera and Tulloch were nearly three seconds clear of the competition.

The dominant force of the field the Evo X remained largely unchallenged throughout the six hour race, though it wasn't without controversy.

At the mid-race point, the TMR car was issued with a drive-through penalty for allegedly exiting pit lane against a red light.

Both Kostera and TMR argued that the pit lane exit light was not clearly visible, so acted upon visual instruction from a race official who instructed Kostera to exit pit lane - despite the red light. Race officials then deemed a breach of rules and penalised the TMR car.

The subsequent penalty dropped Kostera to second place, however he fought back to regain the lead within 30 minutes, and eventually forged a lead he held all the way to the finish, eventually winning by one lap.

The Evo X RS performed faultlessly throughout the race, with the Dunlops showing grip and resilience.

Kostera: "Last year at Eastern Creek we had one of those days where everything went perfectly but today was different with the tyre management, weather, safety cars and even 'that' penalty. But the team did a great job and Inky was right on the money all day so it's a great win for everyone."





The TMR Performance Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X RS of Stuart Kostera has dominated the opening round of the five-round 2011 Australian Manufacturers Championship at Phillip Island Raceway, despite a raft of enforced changes for the new season.

Qualifying on pole and winning both 20-lap races in the 2010 championship-winning West Evo X, Kostera also set a fastest lap time of 1m:48.0sec around the Victorian circuit. Dominating from the start, he built a 2.8 second lead on lap one of race one, temporarily surrendering the lead for the compulsory pit stop, eventually winning by over 50 seconds.

Fending attacks by the fast front-wheel drives of Jake Camilleri (Mazda3

MPS) and Ryan McLeod (HSV VXR), and the Evo 9 of Jim Pollicina, who claimed third in race two. Forced to reduce turbo boost pressure to bring the Evo X back to the field, Kostera pushed hard but also conserved his tyres, a vital aspect of the Phillip Island course. Running 0.1 bar less boost, his fastest lap time was 1.1 seconds slower than 2010, but it was still enough to dominate the round, including winning race two by a solid 27 seconds.

The round victory continues the run of success for Kostera and TMR, who have won every round of the AMC since round 2 in 2010. The grid returns to Phillip Island on May 27-29 for round two, a six-hour enduro, before turning to Morgan Park, Sandown and Eastern Creek.


2011 AMC points (after rd 1): Kostera 122, Camilleri 77, R McLeod 75, Pollicina 53, G McLeod 45.

Targa Tasmania Report



TMR Performance Lancer Evolutions have taken out the double at Targa Tasmania 2011, winning the 2011 TMR 4WD Showroom third round, and also the 2011 4WD Showroom Australian Targa Championship.

Showing its force in tarmac rallying, TMR Performance was supporting 12 cars at this year's Targa Tasmania, spread amongst the Showroom and Modern classes.

Scott Millar and Christopher Dean claimed the round victory at the 2011 Targa Tasmania for the TMR Performance 4WD Showroom class, beating 2009/2010's winner Tony Warren by a solid 6min:21sec in their Hyperactive Designs Evo X RS.

Proving consistency is just as important as speed, Millar was battling for second place with fellow TMR Evo X RS runner Matthew Heskin, but it took until stage 26, Cethana, for Millar to move into the lead.

The class-leading Evolution IX RS of Tony Warren failed to start the stage due to an ECU-related problem and missed the following two stages, dropping him way down the order, while Millar's other rival, Heskin, coincidentally crashed on the same Cethana stage, handing Millar the lead by a comfortable 6 minutes.

While both Warren and Heskin rejoined the field, albeit with time penalties, Millar played it safe and ensured a safe and risk-free finish, assuring himself of the TMR Performance 4WD Showroom win at the 20th running of Targa Tasmania.

The Championship crown went to another TMR Evolution X of Greg and Rhonda Burrowes. Consistent throughout the three-round championship, the husband and wife pairing closed out their championship with a solid 5th at Targa Tasmania, the double-points round, to back up their 4th and 5th at Targa High Country and Targa Wrest Point respectively. Millar's two victories (Targa Tas and Wrest Point) just weren't enough to overcome his round one DNF at Targa High Country.

In the Modern outright category, the Hankook Evo X RS of Dean Evans and Toni Feaver made a charge for the podium, swapping times with the established stars of tarmac rallying, and moved from 12th in prologue, up to 11th, 8th, 5th and then 4th over the subsequent days. The Evo X was holding off the STi of two-time Targa winner Tony Sullens and Bathurst 1000 winner Tony Longhurst until the first stage of the final day, when a sudden and crippling electrical problem cruelly put them out of the event with just five stages to run.

Max Williams Evo X SST was threatening the top 10, the previous problems of the dual-clutch gearbox now sorted, even winning the Hellyer Gorge stage outright, aided somewhat by some fortuitously timed rain. Though suffering a small engine oil leak that was easily fixed that dropped him down the order, Williams was putting in some very strong outright times.

For more info on how you can join in the action of tarmac rallying, contact TMR Performance.

Millar Dean in the TMR EVO X Wins at Targa Wrest Point


EVO X Wins At Targa Wrest Point 

The TMR Evolution X of Scott Millar and Chris Dean have won the TMR 4WD Showroom class at the 2011 Targa Wrest Point tarmac rally in Hobart, second round of the 2011 Australian Targa Championship.

Driving their Hyperactive Designs Evolution X RS, Millar and Dean claimed their second class win since debuting their Evo X, and won by a solid 43 seconds, winning six of the 14 stages of the event, and never finishing lower than third. The crew extended their lead up to a maximum of 1min:13sec after leg one, over last year's Showroom winner, Tony Warren, in an Evo IX.

Their overall time also ranked them 10th outright on combined class results.

Reinforcing its popularity, nine of the 10 cars entered for the 4WD Showroom class were Mitsubishi Evolutions, all Evo IXs and X.

Finishing in third place in the TMR Showroom class and completing a Mitsubishi podium was Matthew and Melanie Heskin, returning to tarmac rallying after a two year break in an Evolution X RS built and prepared by TMR. The Heskins won three stages and finished 23 seconds off Warren, and a massive 3m:30s ahead of the Subaru STi of Newman/Lewis.

TMR Performance is the naming rights sponsor of the 4WD Showroom class.

Attention now turns to round three of the Australian Tarmac Championship, at Targa Tasmania's 20th anniversary in early April. Millar and Heskin will return to challenge for the TMR 4WD, while a huge field of TMR cars will return to battle across both the 4WD Showroom and Modern fields.

TMR Super Traction Front Differential


TMR Super Traction Front Differential - CZ4A Lancer Evolution TC-SST +08

 The TMR Super Tarmac Front Differential is a concept from TMR, a world first for the Lancer Evolution X equipped with the TC-SST. Aimed at the Club level competitor right up to the Driver competing on the world stage, the TMR Super Tarmac Front Differential is an absolute must for those taking their motorsport to the next step.

The TMR Super Tarmac Front Differential can be used in all forms of Motorsport both Hard and Loose surfaces including:

  • Production Cars
  • Touring Cars
  • Circuit Racing
  • Time Attack
  • Tarmac Rally
  • Gymkhana
  • Drift
  • Gravel Rally

It's under Acceleration and Deceleration the TMR Super Tarmac Front Differential really comes into play, turning into an almost locked differential when power is applied, and getting on the power earlier is a treat as the TMR Super Tarmac Front Differential won't let you 'spin up' an inside wheel, even in an application with a high powered Time Attack styled car!

The TMR Super Tarmac Front Differential aids any driver in these key areas:

  • Greatly improved corner Exit speed
  • Improved Braking Capabilities
  • Consistency help with lowering your Lap times
  • Positive Power Down

Design Features include:

  • Stronger more Durable Design
  • Adjustable ramp angle
  • Adjustable Preload


Weight: 10.75kg

Price: $3,539.25 AUD

For further information on the TMR Super Tarmac Front Differential please contact us at




TMR Performance and the Mitsubishi Evolution have successfully defended their 2009 title to become 2010 Australian Manufacturer Champions at Sandown Raceway in Victoria.

Stuart Kostera completed the perfect weekend in his West Surfing Products TMR Evolution X, dominating the sixth and final round of the AMC at Sandown Raceway, part of the Shannons Nationals. Kostera took pole position, won both races, and set fastest lap time in both races, resetting his own record in race two. Clearly focused, Kostera’s TMR Evo was also fastest in every session.

Impressively, it is TMR’s second back-to-back manufacturers championship, making it a trio of titles for the TMR squad, with the manufacturer’s title, the driver’s title for Stuart Kostera, and the Class A championship for high-performance all-wheel drive vehicles.

Kostera’s victory proved even more rewarding given he entered the weekend, and spent much of the 2010 AMC season, chasing the championship-leading BMW 335i of Garry Holt, following Holt’s victory at the Bathurst 12 Hour, round one of the championship, where Kostera did not finish.

Throughout the remaining five rounds, Kostera worked hard to recover, an incredible mix of speed and consistency earning the West Australian every round win across the five tracks in four different states.

At Sandown, Holt’s BMW was involved in a first race, first corner accident which put him out. It was this, and his fourth place in race two, that fell short of Kostera’s dominant charge and allowed the TMR driver to overhaul the BMW and claim the 2010 trophy.
“It’s great, I’m very happy with the result this weekend and the year,” said Kostera. “We’ve always had a quick car, but everything really clicked at Eastern Creek in the Six Hour. We’ve had a really good year, Inky has pushed us all the way, and it was very pleasing to lower the lap record again today.”

Kostera’s TMR Performance teammate Ian ‘Inky’ Tulloch was second in both races, making it a double for the Mitsubishi Evolution.

TMR Performance Team Manager Alan Heaphy was equally thrilled with the result: ”Stuart has done a fantastic job all season. The Bathurst round was a frustrating start to the season, with a minor mechanical issue resulting in zero points, but it was this that provided added inspiration; throughout the season, Stuart has never put a wheel wrong. His dominance of the final five rounds was as much a credit to his consistency as his determination.

“It takes a lot of effort to put a program together like this and I’d like to congratulate and thank everyone involved, from all the TMR drivers throughout the year, to everyone in the TMR team. Building a race-winning Mitsubishi Evolution X is TMR’s speciality, but it takes a driver like Stuart and Inky to put the results down race after race.”

With support from Tulloch whose race-winning pace often pushed rivals down the field, the two-car TMR team’s finest moment was the Eastern Creek 6 Hour endurance race, where a total lack of safety cars throughout the entire race meant it was run on pure pace and strategy. It was the pairing of Kostera and V8 Supercar driver Warren Luff who took a very dominant win, with the TMR Evo X of Tulloch/Steve Jones in second, and the TMR Evo X of Glyn Crimp/Matt Cherry in fourth.

The Sandown victory wraps up a dominant and incredibly satisfying Australian Manufacturers season for the TMR Performance team, showcasing the performance of the Mitsubishi Evolution, and reinforcing it as the kings of production car racing – for the second year in a row.

2010 AMC RESULTS (S. Kostera, TMR Evo X)
Round    Venue            Result
1    Bathurst, NSW        DNF
2    Symmons Plains, Tas    1st
3    Phillip Island, Vic    1st   
4    Eastern Creek, NSW    1st
5    Morgan Pk, Qld        1st
6    Sandown, Vic        1st

Contact: TMR Performance (03) 9271 3668                                    

Team Mitsubishi Ralliart



Renowned Mitsubishi specialist TMR Performance has partnered with the Australian Targa Championship, to secure the official naming rights of the 4WD Showroom class.

Emphasising the growing market that is tarmac rallying and the popularity of the Showroom class, TMR Performance has teamed with Targa organiser, Octagon, to provide a sought-after award in a very competitive class called TMR 4WD Showroom.

Covering three major events, Targa High Country, Targa Wrest Point and Australia's premier tarmac rally, Targa Tasmania, TMR Performance is a natural fit to the 4WD Showroom class, with many of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions emanating from the Melbourne based TMR Performance home. "When this opportunity arose," explains TMR Managing Director Alan Heaphy, "we knew it was a perfect fit for us and our customers. In the Evo, Mitsubishi makes a fantastic product. TMR Performance has already been behind some of the country's fastest Evolutions for more than seven years, and now we can officially promote that this car, this category and this class is a major part of this sport."

Officially titled the TMR 4WD Showroom class, TMR has ensured there is a credible award to strive for, when the 2011 Australian Targa Championship starts on November 5-7, at Targa High Country. Within the 225 car field, nine of the ten cars entered into the TMR 4WD Showroom class are Mitsubishi Evolutions, emphasising that TMR is a logical brand partner for the class. The top three place-getters at each event will earn coveted TMR 4WD Showroom award.

"A number of TMR Performance cars are also entered in the 'outright' Modern field," added Heaphy, "but we wanted to support the grass-roots competitor, those who have bought into a Mitsubishi Evo because they provide cost-effective performance while being highly competitive. That we now have a class effectively 'of our own', is very exciting for us, the brand and of course Mitsubishi Evolution drivers, and it will ensure that we showcase the top talent in this car and this class."

Following Targa High Country, the TMR 4WD Showroom category will then move to Hobart in late January for Targa Wrest Point, and then the 20th anniversary edition of Targa Tasmania in early April, 2011.

About TMR Performance.

TMR Performance is the official Australian importer of the Mitsubishi Evolution RS model. It is a specialist race car builder and on-event supporter. TMR won two Bathurst 12 Hour races back-to-back in 2008-2009 and continues to be Australia's leader in factory-endorsed Evolution tuning and performance.




A four-car team of TMR Performance Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions travelled to Perth for last weekend’s sixth annual Quit Targa West, with a mix of speed, consistency and a little misfortune, but strong results throughout the Modern Competition field.

Rohan Green and Michael Watson were the highest placed team members, winning Showroom Class in the under $140,000 category and finishing 12th outright in his Speed Aware Lancer Evolution Evo X , putting in a solid effort in his first rally in a TMR prepared Evo X. His best of 9th on two stages and consistency was the key to his impressive placing.

Graeme Shaw and Ray Baker put in consistent top 20 times to record a fuss-free 15th outright place in his Shaw Winery Evo X RS, with a best stage result of 14th amongst the 40 Competition Modern runners. Michael Minshall and Paul van der May also finished 27th in their Drug Aware TMR Evolution IX GSR.

Dean Evans showed a glimpse of potential of the TMR Evo X, sitting in fifth after the first two stages on Thursday night. With a few top five stage times, his podium charge came to an early and abrupt end when his Hankook Evo X MR ran wide on the 15km Kalamunda stage just 300m from the finish, resulting in damage which put the car out of the event. Thankfully the TMR bolt-in roll cage and safety gear ensured the crew escaped with little more than some light aches.

TMR will look at repairing the car, and focussing its energy on the next tarmac rally, Targa High Country, early November.

To experience a TMR Evo X in competition, call to find out how easy and cost-effective TMR Performance can make it.




TMR Performance continued its winning ways at last weekend’s fifth round of the Australian Manufacturers Championship with Stuart Kostera taking pole position and the round win with two solid victories in the one-hour races at the newly extended Morgan Park Raceway in Queensland.

TMR Evos qualified a dominant 1-2, with Kostera ahead of Ian ‘Inky’ Tulloch by just 0.1 seconds, half a second clear of third.

Kostera put in a faultless effort in race one to take the victory by 46 seconds while setting the lap record of 1:24.6. Tulloch’s race was hampered by a boost problem that put him out just after the halfway point. Tulloch rebounded in race two to push into third place on the final lap, after an altercation with the Mazda3 MPS of Hadrian Morrall that led to an extended pit stop for repairs.

Kostera’s race two was another dominant performance, not only setting fastest lap time, but benefiting from a lightning fast pit stop by the TMR team of just 38.5 seconds, including two tyre changes with one jack, one wheel gun and a standard five-nut system. This contributed to Kostera’s winning margin of 57 seconds, at the end of the 60-minute race.

Kostera moves up to second in the championship behind 2009 champion Garry Holt. The final round moves to Sandown, Victoria, October 23-34 where the championship will be decided.




A dominant 1-2-4 finish has stamped TMR Performance as the team to beat, and the Evo X as the car to drive, in Australian manufacturer and endurance racing by winning the Dial Before You Dig Australian 6 Hour at Eastern Creek Raceway last weekend. The pairing of Stuart Kostera and Warren Luff were the class of the field, qualifying on pole position by 1.2 seconds, setting fastest lap of the race with a 1:44.3 and taking the West-sponsored Evo X to a three lap victory after the gruelling six hour, 195 lap race that covered a total of 766km.

The win also boosts Kostera’s championship hopes, earning him maximum points in round six of the nine-round Shannons Nationals Motor Racing Championship.
Under 20 degrees of Sydney sunshine, incredibly there were no safety car periods throughout the entire race, removing a major element of luck from the equation, and ensuring the 25-car, five-class field would race purely on pace and pitstop efficiency; the result further reinforcing the Alan Heaphy-led TMR squad as masters of endurance racing.
The TMR Evo X of Inky Tulloch and Steve Jones finished a superb second, with an equally faultless run, despite posting only the fourth-fastest lap of the race, with consistency and clean pit-stops contributing to the impressive result.


In third was the TMR-sold Evo X RS of Peter Conroy and Mark Brame, while the second West team car of Glyn Crimp and Matt Cherry finished just off the podium in fourth place, with a total of 190 laps.

With the 2010 Bathurst 12 Hour-winning BMW 335i finishing in fifth place, it made the top-four TMR clean sweep even sweeter, and has shown how well the team has rebounded from its minor technical problems that prevented them from winning a third straight Bathurst enduro back in February.
Without so much as a single glitch all weekend, the TMR Performance crew is back on top and looking forward to the next event, round seven of the manufacturers championship, which resumes at Queensland’s Morgan Park in one month.




TMR Performance stars on the cover of the latest Tarmac magazine, issue #8, with a full feature on its road, tarmac rally and race cars. 

Tarmac mag took the TMR Bathurst Edition, TMR Club Spec, Showroom tarmac rally and West track car to the undulating Bryant Park, at Haunted Hills in Victoria, to see how the four states of modification to the Evo X compare. The rainy day made for some superb photography and with 15 pages on the TMR cars, there is plenty to take in for any TMR or Evo enthusiast. 

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After a gruelling 1500km and six days, the TMR Performance cars and crew have finished with a successful program at Targa Tasmania 2010. A Showroom spec TMR Performance Showroom Evo X cracked the top 10 outright, with the team of TMR cars performing strongly throughout the Modern and Showroom classes at Australia’s premier tarmac rally.

Showcasing the TMR Performance Club Spec motorsport package, Dean Evans and Simone Bachmann finished 10th outright in their TMR Hankook Evo X MR Club Spec, proving the speed and reliability of both the car and the new dual clutch SST gearbox. The Club Spec is an entry level performance package for the Evo X, designed to allow easily reversal to a standard road car if required.

"We are absolutely stoked!" explained Evans. "We pushed the Club Spec to its limit, from prologue to the finish. The paddle shift was like driving a WRC car and I just loved it. We had some heat related issues but we eventually learnt how to manage them without losing much time – a huge thanks to the TMR crew for allowing Simone and I to realise a top 10 dream."

Scott Millar and Chris Dean finished 4th in Showroom in their Hyperactive Designs Evo X RS and 20th outright from the field of 273 cars, an impressive result given the high attrition rate. The car suffered a broken turbo on the last day, driving on with no turbo boost, but still managed a top 20 outright.

Max Williams and Bruce Bush ran as high as 19th in Modern, and the majority of the Showroom field was filled with TMR prepared or run Mitsubishi Evolutions.

To enquire about competing in a TMR Evo X at a tarmac rally, contact TMR Performance on (03) 9271 3668.




Stuart Kostera racked up another win for TMR Performance at round two of the 2010 Australian Manufacturers Championship, taking pole position and a race win in his West Surfing Products TMR Evolution X RS.

Held at the Shannons Nationals, with two one-hour feature races, Kostera won the first race by a convincing 39 seconds ahead of the second placed BMW 335i of Gary Holt/Ryan McLeod. Kostera then backed it up with a fifth in race two to take the round win, despite race two tyre issues.

Tyre issues were in fact the story of the round affecting a number of cars throughout the field. TMR teammate and second fastest qualifier, Inky Tulloch, suffered a front-right tyre blow-out in the first race, but came back strongly to win the second race by two seconds to Lee Castle’s Subaru STi.

In race two, Kostera fought back from his own tyre failure to fifth, while Tulloch’s win equated to him earning third outright for the round.

Kostera also showed the dominance of the TMR Evo X, setting a new lap record in race two with a time of 1m:46.9s. Tulloch’s fastest lap time was also under the previous lap record, with a 1m:47.6s.

The next round of the AMC will turn to an enduro effort on July 18, with the Australian Six Hour at Eastern Creek Raceway.



TMR Performance scored a convincing 1st place at Round 2 of the 2010 Australian Manufacturers Championship for Production Cars, with a convincing victory against the opposition.

Stuart Kosteras won the round in his West Surfing Products TMR Evolution X RS, with teammate Inky Tulloch second in his TMR Evolution X RS – both cars were the class of the field, dominating the weekend with Kosteras taking victory in both one-hour long feature races and the two effectively racing each other.

After qualifying 1-2 more than a second clear of third, Kosteras won the first race by 50 seconds, but his nearest rival Tulloch suffered a blown engine while leading, one of three cars to suffer the same problem on the day, leading to speculation that poor locally sold and mandated fuel was causing the problems. The Melbourne-based TMR team was called into urgent response and had a new engine in a car, on the ship to Tasmania and in the pits the next morning for Tulloch to challenge in Sunday’s race two. With a revised fuel mix authorised by race officials, Tulloch came back to lead the second one-hour race on Sunday, before the round of pit stops leap-frogged Kosteras into the lead.

Proving the pace and domination of the TMR Evos, both cars lapped the entire field, up to the third placed car of 2010 Bathurst 12 Hour winner Gary Holt’s BMW, both cars lapping almost a second faster than the opposition, and cementing the team and cars’ place as championship contenders.

The Evo X RS is imported solely into Australia by TMR Performance, and is sold for $48,500, before the option of race preparation to each customer’s requirements for circuit racing, gravel or tarmac rally.

The next round of the six-round 2010 Manufacturers Championship is at Phillip Island on May 1-2.

Speed, But No 12HR Hat-Trick


Bathurst 12 Hour 2010

TMR Australia has been cruelly robbed of a potential three-peat victory at the Armor All Bathurst 12 Hour. Winning the past two events, TMR Australia went into this year’s event with two cars: the two-time winning Pedigree Evo X RS of Rod Salmon/Damian White/Ian Tulloch, and the 2009 runner-up Evo X RS of West Surfing Products car of Glyn Crimp/Stuart Costera and V8 Supercar driver Warren Luff.
Qualifying a solid fourth, under sodden conditions, White moved the #1 car into the lead within the first hour, pushing out a gap of 12 seconds, and throughout the next eight hours, never dropped out of contention, consistently lapping with the kind of pace and consistency that has seen them victorious in the past.

With White struck down with sickness and at times on a saline drip, Salmon and Tulloch did much of the day’s stints while White rested and readied for the final double-stint.
But with a little over three hours remaining, Salmon felt the footwell get extremely hot: the defending champs’ car was struck with track debris cracking the exhaust and blowing super-heated air onto the wiring, effecting the gearshift and with potential brake problems risking safety, team principal Alan Heaphy had no choice but to retire the Pedigree car.
“We were better placed than when we have won the event before, with only three cars on the lead lap and only three hours to go,” sighed Salmon.
The West Evo X had a more tumultuous race: Kosteras made light contact with another competitor exiting the Chase, and was given a drive-through penalty, then shortly after ran wide coming into Forest’s Elbow while overtaking a slower car and made heavy contact with the wall.
The TMR service crew was brought into action and replaced an entire front-left corner on the West car, getting the Evo X back into the race within half an hour and losing just 10 laps, an incredible effort given the extent of damage.
Despite inspired driving by Luff being the fastest car on the track and consistently unlapping themselves, the earlier contact with the concrete had also broken the back of the turbo which developed into a race-ending problem and the car was withdrawn.
TMR Australia will return to Melbourne in readiness for its move into new larger premises, and prepare for its next event, the Lake Mountain Sprint tarmac rally on March 20-21.




Evans and Millar continue top form at Targa Wrest Point.

TMR Australia cars maintain a solid 1-2 in the 2010 Australian Tarmac Championship after last weekend’s Targa Wrest Point, following a stunning duel for the Showroom class win.

Held around Hobart over 200km of competitive Targa stages, TMR Lancer Evolution Xs continued their pace-setting form, with the Yokohama Advan Evo X Club Spec of Dean Evans/Simone Bachmann and the Hyperactive Designs Evo X RS of Scott Millar/Chris Dean fighting for the win in the Showroom class.

After an event-long duel with the TMR-built Evo 9 RS of Tony Warren/Natasha Deniese, Evans won six of the 11 stages but eventually finished second in Showroom by just 20 seconds. “We’re stoked with that,” explained Evans, who was running the SST dual-clutch gearbox. “We drove it as hard as we could, and the Club Spec was faultless. The paddle-shift gearbox may not be the first ’box choice for motorsport, but I just love it! We know there’s a lot more potential in the car, so though we just missed the win, we know there’s more speed to come.” Evans/Bachmann finished 13th outright from the entire field of 150 cars, and maintain their lead in the 2010 Australian Tarmac Championship.

Millar/Dean’s Hyperactive Designs Evo X RS finished a solid 3rd in Showroom (22nd outright), after setting a brace of fast times throughout the weekend and finishing almost six minutes ahead of fourth place, the Queensland team holding second in the championship.

Proving the versatility of the Evo X and TMR’s tuning, the Rallimax Evo X of Max Williams/Bruce Bush finished a strong 10th in Modern, also running the dual-clutch SST gearbox.

TMR’s next outing is in two weekends to defend its back-to-back victories at the Bathurst 12 Hour on Feb 12-14, before heading to round three of the ATC at the Lake Mountain Sprint, Victoria, on March 20-21.

Photos by Joel Strickland

The All new Bathurst Edition EVO X


TMR Bathurst Edition Lancer Evolution

In conjunction with Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited, TMR are now releasing the Bathurst Edition Lancer Evolution. This special vehicle has the TMR engine upgrade which produces 247kW of Power and an eye watering 436Nm of Torque making it the most powerful Evolution Lancer ever sold in Australia!

With the success of the Lancer Evolution at Mount Panorama it was only fitting that a car based on the winning formula of the TMR Lancer Evolution production cars be built in the honor of the 1,2 Victory of the 12hr race. What we learn from our Motorsport Program we incorporate into our road car program and with the Lancer Evolution already being a brilliant car, we made changes in just a few key areas. The TMR Hi-flow exhaust system fitted gives the car a unique and sporty note and with the TMR developed progressive rate springs package and black powder coated wheels, it has the equipment to match.

For futher details in the TMR Bathurst Edition Lancer Evolution please contactyour local Ralliart Dealer. Alternately you can call customer assistance on 1300 13 12 11.

Check out the facts here.

TMR wins round of Australian Manufacturers Championship at Eastern Creek



TMR ran Rod Salmon in the TMR Built and owned EVO X, as well as debuting our brand new latest spec EVO X production car for Adelaide’s Steve Glenney. It was the first time Glenney has been in an official national motor race and his first time behind the wheel of a TMR prepared race car in race conditions.

We ran 3 practice sessions on Friday 17th July with both the TMR prepared EVO X’s in the top two positions constantly.

Saturday 18th July saw Steve Glenney qualify 0.9sec in front of Rod Salmon, clearing 2.0 seconds in front of 3rd place.Rod Salmon was a comfortable 1.1sec in front of 3rd place.

For race 1, it was TMR filling the two front positions of the grid.Both cars had a good start and by the second corner Steve Glenney had control of the race leading by a convincing margin for the entire race. Rod Salmon was very comfortable in position 2.

Race 2 saw a similar start with both TMR prepared cars on the front row of the grid, and Steve Glenney again led the entire race taking out another 1st position. Rod Salmon had an altercation with Garry Holt in the BMW 335 during race 2 (for which Holt was penalized 10 points) and finished in 4th position.

Race 3 was a handicapped race with both TMR prepared cars having a 46sec handicap from the first cars off the grid, with only 9 laps to make their way to the pointy end of the field. Steve Glenney made his way through traffic easily finishing only 0.5sec behind the leader taking out 2nd place for the race, with Rod Salmon coming home in 6th position.

The overall round win was taken out by Steve Glenney debuting his TMR prepared EVO X, with 2nd place going to Garry Holt in his BMW 335 followed by Mark King in 3rd place in his EVO X. Rod Salmon just missed out on a podium finish for the day in 4th place.

Overall the two TMR prepared EVO X’s stole the limelight of the day with convincing drives by both Steve Glenney and Rod Salmon backed up by the preparation and organization of the TMR team!

Due to the efforts of TMR and their engineering development program of the EVO X, Mitsubishi on 296 points currently leads the Australian Manufactures Championship by a healthy 38 points.

TMR Win Bathurst 12 Hour


TMR Win the WPS Bathurst 12 Hour 2009

The new TMR prepared Evolution X RS of R.Salmon/T. Longhurst/D.White have won the Bathurst 12 Hour 2009. The EVO X won the event by 3secs over the West Surfing Products EVO. 

More to come soon.

TMR EVO X Wins Targa Wrest Point Showroom


Scott Millar and Chris Dean Win Targa Wrest Point Showroom EVO X.

The new TMR EVO X RS wins showroom Targa Wrest Point last weekend, with driver Scott Millar and Navigator Chris Dean from Queensland. The inaugural event held last weekend proved the perfect rally to test the new TMR EVO X RS, with the car performing well. It is the first podium finish for an Mitsubishi EVO X in Australia. The new Evolution X has had a strong start into Tarmac Rally with future development continuing.

TMR now have available the Super Charger for the Mitsubishi 380


TMR have launched a new supercharger for the Mitsubishi 380.

The TMR 380's success has paved the way for the supercharger to be fitted in any of the Mitsubishi 380 range as an option. TMR will fit and tune the supercharger for unrivalled performance.

Bathurst Testing


Its nearly time again for the Bathurst 12 hour.

TMR will be conducting testing at Bathurst in the next coming weekends getting ready for the 12 hour. TMR will have a entry this year, so stay tuned.

Targa Wrest Point 09


New Targa Wrest Point 09.

Targa Wrest Point will be held on weekend of 31st January & 1st February 2009 using the former Targa Tasmania Southern Loop stages including the legendary Oyster Cove, Longley, Woodbridge and Cygnet with both Woodbridge & Cygnet receiving recent major resurfacing work along with Grass Tree Hill. This event has filled fast, better get your entry in, or you just might miss out! TMR will be down in Hobart for the event with a three cars. Scott Millar and Chris Dean will be after another podium in their EVO X RS. Come down and see the action.

TMR Mt Buller Sprints


Mt Buller Sprints

TMR will be attending the annual Mt Buller Sprints with up to four cars. The new EVO X will make its debut with Driver Scott Millar and Navigator Chris Dean. Come up to Mt Buller 1st-3rd of November for all the action. 

TMR Lancer Evolution X new concept Roll Cage


TMR in conjunction with Rai Curry from FABRaiCATIONS and in consultation with CAMS, have developed a new concept in roll cage design that offers increased safety for the vehicle occupants, engineering benefits with improvements to the vehicles centre of gravity, weight distribution and chassis rigidity.  In designing this new concept cage the first priority was the driver and co driver protection particularly in the side door and B Pillar areas. The cage which is made from various wall thickness’ of Chrome Moly aircraft specification tubing has a multiple of side intrusion bars that give increased strength if the car was to be involved in a side impact accident.

The design incorporates a pyramid style node at the centre of the B Pillar which is the widest point of the roll cage. In addition a secondary bar has been added to the roof directly above the driver & co-driver head, again to add further protection for the occupants in a side impact or rollover collision. The main hoop has been moved to the rear of the car by some 150mm allowing the co-driver to be positioned lower and further to the rear of the car which aids lowering the centre of gravity and improves chassis weight distribution.  The structure is connected to the chassis at every possible point adding significant strength to the roll cage structure and to chassis rigidity.

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EVO X RS has landed


The first batch of EVO X.       

The all new EVO X RS has arrived in Australia, with Ralliart chief Alan Heaphy just getting the news, when the cars were not expected for another month, so its all good news. The first 6 cars will all be used as tarmac rally cars with all of them sold.

TMR - New Website Launched December 2008


TMR has launched a new website. We are looking forward to filling it with plenty of new info and images to browse through. Thanks to Hyperactive Designs Next Generation Multimedia for the new website.